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What is it?

Xenium is a CMS and framework that tends to easy website development and is going to be released as Open Source. If you want to know more about the Xenium project, click here.

Main features and advantages:

Go wild!

Take advantage of some never seen features before, like: changing the complete page layout in just a matter of seconds or adding new page elements, images and videos with ease.

Easy to use

Really simple and easy to use and yet, with its cool features, allowing you take advantage of some really neat and complex functions to make your website unforgettable to your visitors.

Globalize yourself

With native multilanguage support, you can easily add a new language and translate the entire website, thus expanding your business to another country and making it closer to people you're selling to.

Real-time Collaboration

Edit contents together with your coworkers! Yes, really! This results in no editing conflicts and no page locking, making Xenium the fastest working environment ever!

Save time

Time is money. By being the fastest working environment, Xenium lets you save time and money but still making all your business and other ideas come to life.

Fastest websites

Website's loading speed is crucial. By using a special cache control system and ORM, Xenium will load your websites faster than ever, even under a 0.3 second.

Want to learn more? 

Click here, if you want to see all Xenium features and advantages.