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Xenium, a gift

The meaning of the word xenium actually is "a gift". It is a latin word, but it actually derives from ancient Greeks (xenion) and according to the dictionary it basically means:

xe-ni-um (noun) - "a present given among the ancient Greeks and Romans to a guest or stranger and especially to a foreign ambassador"

The sole purpose of this application is to be a gift to all - business owners, developers, designers and any website owners... anyone that is or wants to be a part of the internet. Being so, the word xenium was more than appropriate and this is how the project got its name.

Research and intention of the project

By having the opportunity to work for some of the largest and fastest growing businesses, I've learned a lot about the needs and demands of this world and with constant bombardment of crazy business ideas, the research begun, which then resulted into this project.

The research was directed towards making all those crazy ideas come to life with the smallest or no effort at all, functionality that makes all this possible, with lowest expenses, faster to work with, expandability and still respecting the work of designers and of course speed, to be able to support large numbers of visitors without slowing down the website or even server crashes.

The primary considerations while developing Xenium are:

  • the ability for website owners to go wild and by having some of the best and never seen functionality at their disposal
  • no matter what's the idea, crazy or not, Xenium will be there for you and will help you make it come to life
  • have a fast website, lower your server expenses, manage more visitors on your website than ever before
  • designer friendly - by having all these crazy possibilities and functionality it still respects the designer's work of art
  • easy content editing, easy to use and saving time, making it possible to dedicate yourself or your coworkers to things that really matter
  • being crazy, innovative, new
  • and most important of all: MAKING IT POSSIBLE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!

A lot of free time was put into this research and testing and slowly the results were showing up as succesfull and this is how Xenium CMS was born. Some of the large projects were already made and successfully supported by Xenium.

The developer behind Xenium

My name is Danijel Latin, my path of a developer started when I was just 15 years old. My speaciality is research, learning about the needs, problems and demands of the world of internet and making solutions as the answer to them. Always asking myself the questions that nobody ever did or dared before and enjoying the thrill of developing something new, something that noone never did before. in a few short words, my speciality is making the impossible possible.

Most of my experiences were gained while working on a large scale international projects for big companies, by making research in my free time and by creating Xenium with its own framework, ORM and automatic caching system which was quite a challenge to do.

The idea of Xenium was, is and will always be to help business and website owners to expand, internatiolise and make all their crazy ideas come to life by making a wonderfull experience and presentation to their website visitors that they'll never forget.