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Features and advantages

Main features

Go wild!

Take advantage of some never seen features before, like: changing the complete page layout in just a matter of seconds or adding new page elements, images and videos with ease.

Easy to use

Really simple and easy to use and yet, with its cool features, allowing you take advantage of some really neat and complex functions to make your website unforgettable to your visitors.

Globalize yourself

With native multilanguage support, you can easily add a new language and translate the entire website, thus expanding your business to another country and making it closer to people you're selling to.

Real-time Collaboration

Edit contents together with your coworkers! Yes, really! This results in no editing conflicts and no page locking, making Xenium the fastest working environment ever!

Save time

Time is money. By being the fastest working environment, Xenium lets you save time and money but still making all your business and other ideas come to life.

Fastest websites

Website's loading speed is crucial. By using a special cache control system and ORM, Xenium will load your websites faster than ever, even under a 0.3 second.

But wait! There's more...

Multiple websites, one platform

You can have multiple websites with different domains on just one installation of Xenium. Manage them with ease by connecting them with only one user system with cross-domain login, one ecommerce system and by sharing content between them.

Developer friendly

Easy module and plugin creation, control the data and caching with Xenium's ORM, take advantage of Xenium's framework and its special functionalities and features.

Designer friendly

Xenium lets you do some crazy stuff to your website but it still honors and respects the work of designers and keeps your website neat and unforgettable to visitors.

Database? Take your pick...

By using Xenium's own ORM you can simply connect to some of the most widely used database systems: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle, CUBRID, MS SQL Server, Firebird, IBM, Informix, ODBC and DB2, 4D.

Simple 2 Enterprise

No matter what your project is, just a simple presentation or an enterprise website with specific features and no matter what the idea is, Xenium will be there to back you up and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Expand functionality

There are lots of already built-in features, but you can also use many modules and plugins or create your own to expand the functionality of your website or CMS to suite your needs.

Real time analytics

Be informed on what's happening on your websites and evaluate campaign performance with real time analytics, showing crucial info about users and ecommerce.

Multimedia friendly

Xenium makes it easy to publish and manage  your image, video and audio files on your website with simple drag & drop system and library feature.

Free 4ever!

Enjoy the cool and advanced features that Xenium, as an Open Source project offers, absolutely free of charge! Simply download, install and make your ideas come to life. Even better... with Xenium you can save a considerable amount of money!